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GMS Business Intelligence (BI)

Country-based pooled funds (CBPFs) are multi-donor humanitarian financing instruments established by the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC). CBPFs allocate funding based on identified humanitarian needs and priorities at the country level in line with the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC). 

GMS Business Intelligence (BI) is a tool to display the data in a meaningful and useful structure which will help user to analyse the ongoing process with a consolidated view.

One can access this tool via the online help portal site under the GMS Business Intelligence (BI) link.

Analysis of data can be done via the following options:

A brief overview of the options are mentioned below

CBPF ContributionsTop

CBPFs allow governments and private donors alike to pool their contributions to support specific emergencies. They ensure that timely, coordinated and principled funding is available and prioritized at the local level by those who are closest to people in need. CBPFs increase predictability of funding and involve frontline responders, including national and local NGOs, in the planning and delivery of humanitarian response. This option displays the list of paid contributions and commitments made to CBPFs by year.

Some of the features available are:

  • Display of the paid and pledged amount for all CBPF’s and individual CBPFs
  • Display of donor wise pooled fund contributors
  • Display of Year wise CBPF contributions
  • Display of contributions based on individual CBPFs
  • Breakup of Funding received by individual CBPFs

CBPF AllocationsTop

UN agencies, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), national and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and Red Cross/Red Crescent organizations are eligible to receive funding from CBPFs in support of their life-saving relief programmes. The allocations made from CBPFs to relief partners by year are displayed here.

Some of the features available are:

  • Display of Year wise CBPF allocations to the various relief partners
  • Display of allocations based on individual CBPFs

CBPF OverviewTop

A brief overview of the allocation of funds based on partner type, beneficiaries, funding trend and summary of cluster allocations and beneficiaries based on standard or reserve allocation of funds are displayed in this section.

CBPF Project SummaryTop

CBPF project summary allows one to sort data based on allocation year, allocation type, partner type and organisation name based on all or individual pooled funds. It provides with a map of the various locations in which projects are being funded.  A detailed listing of projects with their project code, title, duration etc based by clusters is also displayed.


The Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) plan is prepared for a protracted or sudden onset emergency that requires international humanitarian assistance. The graphs displayed in this section portray how CBPF funding is recorded against an HRP.