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What is Disbursement Top

Disbursement means transfer of the full/partial amount from the UN bank account to the implementing partner’s bank account, for a specified project. The number of disbursements and the amount will be clearly stipulated in the grant agreement between OCHA and the implementing partner based on the risk level of the partner.

When is the Disbursement triggered Top

Following the signature of the grant agreement by all parties, the first tranche of funding is disbursed to the partner within 10 working days.

The implementing partner will receive a first instalment at the beginning of the project and will be entitled to request the next disbursement(s), by submitting a financial statement, as soon as the implementing partner has spent 70 per cent of the funds previously received.

Steps in Disbursement Top

The FCS Finance can view the Create obligation request in the Task inbox after logging into GMS. On selecting the project, GMS will prompt whether the user will be taking the assignment of this task. The assignment of entering disbursement data is assigned to the user for approximately 2 hours If the task is not completed in the time frame it’s released automatically. It can also be released manually by clicking on the Release Assignment button.

Field Descriptions:

  • PO #(Text box): Unique number of the PO
  • PO creation Date: Date when the PO was sent to accounts
  • PO Amount (Text box): By default budget amount will be displayed.

On the disbursement tab, the informative message, highlighted in red indicates the required fields clearly in order to proceed with disbursement. The user will not be able to create payment requests until these 3 fields are updated

Click on the Save button which will activate the Add Payment Schedule and Add liquidation buttons.

Add Payment Schedule

To update the payment schedule for the disbursement, click on the Add Payment Schedule button.

Field Descriptions:

  • Payment Amount (text box): Enter the amount of disbursement.
  • Memo to accounts date:Date when  the payment information is submitted to accounts department.
  • Payment request received date:When IP requested the payment
  • Financial Report (drop down box):  Select the financial report from the list provided.

Note: For the first tranche to be disbursed there is no requirement of financial report but for subsequent tranche disbursements, the Implementing partner has to provide a financial report.

After updating the payment Schedule details, click on the Save button.

To edit an existing payment schedule, click on the Edit link.
To delete an existing payment schedule, click on the Delete link.


For every payment schedule created there will be a voucher associated with the same. To create a voucher, click on the Add Voucher/RCPT link associated to the payment amount for which a voucher has to be raised.

For a tranche disbursal, one can segregate the tranche disbursement amount into multiple payment requests.

Note: The system will automatically create at least one tranche when the timelines are activated, after the budget is cleared in the Project Review process.

Field description:

  • Payment ID to treasury(text box): Unique number generated by UMOJA
  • Actual amount paid(text box):  Actual disbursement amount to be disbursed
  • Allocation Year (text box):Year of the project allocation
  • Voucher/RCPT Creation Date(text box):  Date of the creation of the Voucher/Receipt
  • Disbursement Date : Select the date when the actual amount will be disbursed.
  • Select Banking details from drop down: Select the banking details provided by the Implementing Partner. 

Note: The bank information dropdown is no longer mandatory for the UNDP-managed funds when entering the disbursement information.

  • Timeline Tranche (drop down box): Indicate the tranche timeline. i.e. Tranche 1, Tranche 2 etc. Based on the selected tranche, the system will be able to populate the instalment number correctly in the financial report.
  • Comments (text box):  Enter comments for the payment request.

Note: If the actual amount paid is different from the 1st tranche amount, then comments need to be updated as to reason for doing so.

After updating the Voucher details, click on the Save button.

To edit an existing voucher, click on the Edit link.
To delete an existing voucher, click on the Delete link.


Liquidation provides details regarding how much money has already been liquidated from the earlier disbursed amount. One can fill in an offline liquidation details here by clicking on the Add Liquidation button.

Field Descriptions:

  • Liquidation Amount (text box): Total funds spent out of the total disbursed amount
  • Liquidation date: Date of Liquidation of the amount
  • Liquidation voucher no. (text box): Unique number of the liquidation voucher.

Click on the Save button to update the liquidation details.
To edit an existing Liquidation details, click on the Edit link.
To delete an existing Liquidation record, click on the Delete link.

On clicking the 'Submit  to Accounts' button, the user will be prompted to type in 'Comments for project in "Create Obligation".Click the Yes button to submit disbursement details to FCS Finance.

After reviewing the details, Click on the Disburse Tranche button. On clicking the 'Disburse Tranche' button, the user will be prompted to type in 'Comments for project in "Submission to Accounts".
Click the Yes button to begin disbursement.

How to generate memo Top

To generate a memo, click on the Memo link present on the voucher details.

Field Description:

  • To (text box): Enter to whom the memo has to sent to
  • Through (text box):
  • From (Text box): Enter the name form whom the memo is coming from.
  • Select whether memo to sent in word or pdf format.

Click on the Generate Memo button.

Disbursement for UNDP managed fundsTop