Eligibility process : Due Diligence and Capacity Assessment

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Each Country Based Pooled Fund is responsible for ensuring that a Due Diligence review and a Capacity Assessment of each NGO/INGO partner is carried out, to determine the partner's eligibility for CBPF funding and initial risk level. Only eligible organizations have access to ongoing allocations and submit project proposals. 

Due Diligence is the first step of the eligibility process of prospective Partners, who must enter all administrative and institutional information, along with official documentation.

Capacity Assessment is aimed at determining whether the NGO/INGO has sufficient capacity in terms of institutional, managerial, financial and technical expertise. 

*Please note, UN Agencies are not concerned by the elibility process. However, they must enter all practical information (i.e. bank information) in the Due Diligence form.

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Due Diligence   


Capacity Assessment