FTR Troubleshooting: Multiple FTRs to one project - partially paid projects, audit FTRs & cost extensions

POSTED BY Joelle | 07 Sep 2022 | GMS Quick Tip

Do you ever get just a little bit confused on how to cover extra costs incurred with an additional FTR? No worries, this post is for you!

This blog post covers the creation of multiple FTRs by HFUs for one project.  The most common scenarios for this situation to occur are: 

  • The partner revised the project and was granted a cost extension, or 
  • Additional audit costs have been linked to the project – once incurred they should be updated in the Project Admin Tab 

In these kinds of situations, the projects are not fully funded, and are hence marked within GMS as partially paid. For partially paid projects, the HFU must create another FTR. 

The system will inform you that the project is partially paid for with an information icon under the field ‘Amount to pay’. Hover over the information icon .  to see the following message: 

“This project is partially paid in other FTR(s) and the total amount already paid is XXX.” 


You will then need to subtract the amount indicated in the information message to the amount shown under “Total cost to Project” to get the correct figure that should be inserted in the field: ‘Amount to pay’. You can then follow the usual process to submit the FTR. 

In the example above, the project was already linked to another FTR, and 123,456USD had already been paid for that project. Therefore, to fully fund this project, you need to calculate the following: 

Amount to Pay (i.e., rest to pay to fully fund the project cost) = Total Cost to Project – Amount already paid (i.e., amount in information icon) 

In our example the HFU must insert: 1,201,188.54 – 123,4556 = 1,077,732.54 

Please note: as can be seen in the screenshot below, if you see that the amount indicated in the info message is “0.00”, it means that the project has been added to another FTR which has not yet been processed. Please check that it is not an unnecessary duplicate. You can check the other project’s FTR by using the filters in the FTR Report page.