GMS New Releases 2.8 - November 2017

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New releases in GMS – November 2017

  1. Soft launch of Humanitarian ID (HID) Authentication A soft launch took place on 2 November 2017 to get users acquainted with the HID interface: we will be showing both HID and OCHA Single-On Passport authentication mechanisms.  Note:
    • You should use the same e-mail ID as you are using to access GMS now.
    • HID will not be using the same password as Single Sign On (request a reset).

    For more information on the authentication process for Humanitarian ID see our separate blog on HID. HFU in each country needs to decide if they want to do a broadcast or training for IPs. The HID guidance from the blog can be used for this purpose. From 7 November onwards using the HID authentication mechanism will become mandatory for all users. Users without an HID will be migrated automatically, there account will be created and they will receive a link to reset their password. Single-Sign-On will no longer be available.  How about IP users?  They will be seeing the same screens. If they are no on HID, we will push them automatically on HID. A user account is created with exactly the same profile as is there in GMS and a password reset link will be sent to the e-mail ID used in GMS. Partners who have created a HID to access OPS can use the same HID to access GMS. One profile to access multiple applications and HID will decide where you are coming from. For new users we discourage the use of Single Sign-On. Please ask them to go to HID and register an account there and use that to log in to GMS.

  2. Uploading of documents under Capacity Assessment When opening the Capacity Assessment, there will now be 2 tabs: a scorecard tab and a documents tab. Under this documents tab you can upload all files related to an IPs CA and in different categories. It will be possible to upload and download multiple files.  Limitations:
    • Maximum size of 1 file will be 10Mb.
    • Sum of all files you upload under one IP’s capacity assessment is limited to 1GB.
    • Message will be displayed to show how much of the available capacity you have used.

    CA - Document upload tab

  3. Linking an Allocation Type with the SRC scorecard Currently the ability to link up an existing scorecard with an allocation is available in the system. From now on only 1 scorecard is going to be accessible and linked to 1 allocation.  Allocation Type - Link SRC Scorecard  Existing allocations have been migrated so when you open an allocation, you will be shown which scorecards were linked to this allocation. Once an allocation has been updated and linked and a project is linked, you will no longer be able to change the data (scorecard linkages cannot be changed anymore). Changes can only be made before a project is created against this allocation. This will help us to ensure that all parameters (e.g. abbreviation code, scorecard, etc.) are matching across that allocation. In the past we have seen that people made changes in these values mid-allocation which resulted in conflicts in project codes and other areas.  Allocation Type - SRC Scorecard already linked  In the ‘Project status info’ matrix (under the Fund Project Allocations – System Setup -> Allocation Management -> Manage Allocations Types) you will be able to see which projects are linked to this allocation and what their status is. 
    Allocation Type - Project Status Info
     The Cluster-users who are logging into the system, when filtering for an allocation type will be able to only see the scorecard linked to that allocation.  Allocation Type - Project Status Info
  4. Multiple project codes/IDs for filtering
    • Now it will be possible to filter in all overviews for multiple codes, similar to what you are able to do on the cover page when filtering in the advanced switchboard.  Filter options - multiple project IDs
  5. FAQ-Mapping
    • From now on an FAQ-icon will be available on the different GMS screens. When users click on it they will be directed to the Help Portal topic related to the screen they are on.  FAQ Mapping image
  6. New user registration – additional features The ‘new user registration’ has the following new features: users can no longer submit a request to be registered as an HFU or as an Administrator in GMS. A comment box is made available for users to submit additional data. For example, if someone wants to submit a request to get an HFU profile, they have to submit the registration as 'Others' and put a comment.  User Registration - new features 1  HFU can see this when approving the user and adapt the profile according to what has been requested. This means in our example that they HFU while approving the user will change the 'Other' profile for the HFU profile before saving the profile.  User Registration - new features 2
  7. Bulk changes in later releases
    • A new Webex session will be held on the changes in the later releases very soon.