GMS New Releases - April 2019

POSTED BY | 12 Apr 2019 | What’s new in GMS!!!

New releases in GMS – April 2019 1. HRP project code (replacing the OPS code logic) The feature to link a GMS project to its respective HRP Project Code has now been released in the system. The user is now able to choose a project code, which will then be displayed with a link to the HRP Details in the GMS proposal. HRP Note: in order to enable the HRP linkage in the project proposal, the allocation will need to be configured accordingly, by ensuring that the HRP Plan is selected – if relevant. (Navigation: System Setup > Allocation Management > Manage Allocation Types) Allocation 2. Audit and monitoring reports The Audit Report excel extract is broken down into two sections: the Audit Report page, which will display all the information relevant to the audit findings and recommendations, and the Audit Closure Report, which will provide an overview of all the key dates of the project instances.

  • • Audit Report tab: o Audit completion Date o Eligible Expenditure o Recommendation and findings (including its type and risk level) o Justifications and IP’s responses • Audit Closure Report: o Due Diligence and Capacity Assessment status o Project submission, signature dates o Tranches disbursement amounts and dates o Financial and Narrative reports submission date o Audit activation and actual completion dates

Navigation: Report > Report> Audit Report audit report The Monitoring Report excel extract is broken down into two sections: the Monitoring details page, which will display all the information relevant to the monitoring recommendations, and the Participants details, which will provide the details of the monitoring focal points. • Monitoring Details: o Implementation progress o Monitoring Type (as per report and timelines) and Name o Monitoring End dates o Monitoring actions, and responsible o Monitoring Recommendation and notes • Participant Details: o Monitoring Start and Dates o Participant name/email/phone Navigation: Report > Report> Monitoring Report monitoring report 3. Overall PI scorecard extract now available PI scorecard The new PI advanced excel extract available from the partner risk dashboard will enable users to have an offline overview of the partner performance per project. The extract will display the total PI score and weightage per project, as well as the breakdown of questions/answers selected, in addition to the score associated to it. 4. Net Funding concept in the project full dump The project full dump extract was updated with a new Net Funding page which will allow the users to have a clear overview of the direct and indirect funding status for the selected projects. In this regard, direct organization and grants in will indicate how much is given for the direct use of the partner and the indirect organization and grants in will show how much is given to the sub-IPs.