GMS New releases – July 2018

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New releases in GMS – July 2018

  1. Project closure workflow enhancement

​New workflow status “UNDER FINAL REPORTING” Once the project reaches the final reporting stage, and the first final report is activated from the timelines (either Final Financial report or Final Narrative report), the system will automatically push the project workflow from “IMPLEMENTATION AND REPORTING” status to “UNDER FINAL REPORTING” status. No action will need to be taken from the users to move the project. under FR Note: if the report activation date (visible in the timelines) is greater than the project end date, the automation will not happen and the report will remain in its current “inactive” status. The report will need to be activated manually, which will trigger the project workflow to “UNDER FINAL REPORTING”. Closure workflow from Final Narrative Report, Refund and Final Disbursement The project closure workflow has been updated to facilitate the closure of projects. A closure button will be available from the Final Narrative Report, Refund, and Disbursement instances. test Closure validation When the workflow action button that will push the project to "Under Closure" stage appears, a validation will display what final stages are still pending/closed for the project. If final instances are displayed as pending, the validation will not allow the user to push the project for closure. closure validation The validation will take into account the following:

  • Audit last approval stage has been reached (for Non UN);
  • Balance due must be between 0 and 1;
  • Refund required if balance due is negative or refund not finalized;
  • Final Disbursement required if balance due greater than 1 or not finalized;
  • Final Financial Report last approval stage has been reached;
  • Final Narrative Report last approval stage has been reached.



  1. 2. Allocation Management Type updates

Blocking project proposal submission The HFU will be able to manage the deadline for the submission of project proposals from the “Manage Allocation Type” page. After the given end date, partners will not be able to submit any project proposal. Note: if the allocation window end date is greater than the submission deadline the window will be closed at the submission deadline, not taking into account the allocation window end date. allocation In addition, the user will be able to add a permanent message, visible from the allocation window display in the partner home page, to announce the deadline for the blockage. An additional message can also be configured to be displayed after the deadline to inform that project proposals can no longer be submitted. test Managing clusters Only the clusters configured through the “SSO Linkage” in the “Manage HRP” page will be available in the drop down for the partner in the cluster drop down menu from the “create proposal” page. test 2 The clusters selected in the “Allocation Type Configuration” page will be linked to the Allocation. These clusters will be displayed in the “Manage Allocation Type” page, on the right side of the allocation edit page. test


  1. 3. Project Duration automation

test In the “create project” page, the project duration is no longer selected by the user but is automated based on the start and end date provided. The duration will also display any additional days (e.g. 8 months 15 days instead of 8 months). In addition, a new filter in the Advance Switchboard will allow to filter projects based on the project Implementation Duration. The filter will allow to filter based on “greater than”, “lesser than” and “between”. Switchboard Note: The duration filter will not allow to filter on the days. The duration filter will only work on the number of months of the project duration.


  1. 4. Due Diligence update - Certificate expiry date

A new mandatory field "Certificate expiry date" has been added to the Due Diligence Application form. This will be a first step towards setting a new reminder module to inform HFU of the expiration of the registration certificate. test Note: For certificates that do not have an expiry date, a dummy future date can be entered, without having any impact for the partner.