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POSTED BY Yasmina Nousseir | 12 Jul 2022 |

I)    IASC Humanitarian Financing Task Team (HFTT), Localisation Marker definitions
II)   Disbursement processed through FTR
III)  Create a new allocation
IV)  Project Closure tab


I)    HFTT Localisation Marker definitions

All organisations registered in the GMS are now classified according to the IASC Localisation Marker. This localisation marker is classified by the HFU upon the organisation’s registration in the Partner Portal, and automatically displayed on the due diligence ‘Application Form’. It can be updated by the HFU from the Partner Portal.

 The localisation marker is automatically displayed on the top of the due diligence ‘Application Form’.

For more information on the localisation marker definitions, please click here and here to access the IASC website.

II)   Disbursement processed through FTR

For disbursements processed through FTR, the Disbursements section of the ‘Disbursements’ tab has been updated: 

  • The ‘Disbursement Date’ is now the date of the payment. 
  • The ‘Payment request received date’ and ‘No memo to account’ date correspond to the date the FTR was sent to MPTF. 
  • The ‘CI Doc# No’ shows the FTR number.

The Disbursements section of the Disbursements tab

These changes are reflected in the milestones report. Indeed, the IP signature and EO signature’s date correspond to the date the FTR was sent to MPTF. 

The Milestones report

III)  Create a new allocation

Following the new update, it is not possible anymore to choose to publish the new allocation while you create it. To publish the allocation, the HFU should first create and save it, and then upload the allocation strategy.
To do so, the HFU will have to edit the newly created allocation to add the allocation type documents and thick the box ‘Publish’.
To read more on how to create an allocation, please refer to this help portal article: Setup Allocation type


IV)  Project Closure tab

Two sections have been added to the project closure tab; the Balance Due and the Status of Project Instances:  

  • The Balance Due section shows the balance due amount which is taken directly from the disbursement tab.
  • The Status of Project Instances section displays the project history (i.e., all the instances and statuses the project went through).  

To read more on the project closure, please refer to this help portal article: Project Closure 

The project closure tab