POSTED BY | 15 Oct 2018 | What’s new in GMS!!!

New releases in GMS – October 2018 1. Project information authorization module To ensure that the start date and the bank details are updated ahead of the Grant Agreement creation, a validation will be required from the partner. The authorization will happen from a specific page, which will be accessible from the project proposal and the partner home page, where the status of the authorization will be displayed by a red or green checkbox tooltip.   Upon clicking on the tooltip, the users will be redirected to the authorization page, from where they will be able to edit the bank account details as well as the project start date. For more transparency, a history log of the changes will be kept and displayed.  2. Organization Management Module The organization registration requests will now be managed online, through the new organization management module. The module, held in a separate application, is accessible from the GMS menus (System Setup> Organizations> Manage Organizations) HFUs will be required to fill out the application form, and upload the required documentation, before pushing the workflow to GMS support for approval. The mandatory fields remain the same as in the past offline system, except for the introduction of the “Global Organization” concept.  The online form will be associated with a new workflow that will facilitate the tracking of the requests.  3. Budget Line locking HFU and Finance users will now be able to lock specific budget lines in the project proposal. Once the the locking feature has been used and the project returned to the partner, the partner will be able to edit only the lines that have been left unlocked. The user will have the possibility to manage the locking/unlocking at three levels:

  • Page level;
  • Category level;
  • Budget line level.

 In addition, a new feature will allow the users to add comments at the line level from the “comments” tooltip. Once a comment has been added, a notification will appear on the icon. The comments will be visible at the bottom of the page next to the related budget line.  4. Due Diligence Updates The following mandatory fields have been added to the due diligence “add contact” pop ups:

  • Nationality;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Document Details.

 5. Allocation Management Type Enhancement The page has been divided into two sections “Primary Details” and “Additional Details” for the purpose of allowing HFU to edit some fields, even after a project has been linked to the allocation.

  • Primary Details: the section will be locked to HFU after the launch of the allocation.
  • Additional Details: the section will be editable by HFU even after the launch of the allocation.

 The field “Project Submission Start Date and Time” has been added to facilitate the configuration of the allocation window, which will now entirely take place from the Allocation Management Type page. The Allocation Window module will therefore be removed from the menus and be replaced by the concept of “Project Submission Start/Block Date and Time”.