GMS read-only access to Auditors

POSTED BY Hortense | 11 Aug 2021 | GMS Quick Tip



Every project submitted by a non-UN partner and funded by a CBPF must be audited before it can be closed on the Grant Management System (GMS). (see workflow below).

The audit is performed by mandated external auditors offline. The external auditors however need access to the project’s proposal, reports and monitoring outputs to be able to proceed with the project audit.
The finalized Audit report is then sent to the HFU, whose task is to fill in the GMS Audit report module on behalf of the external auditors.
To facilitate the audit process, and spare to the HFU the burden of downloading each project proposal and sending it and the other project instances to the auditors, the GMS has developed a specific ‘Auditors’ user role, which grants auditors read-only access to the system.

External auditors can register on the GMS under the user role ‘Others’, with the comment 'Auditor access'. To learn how to register, please watch this tutorial video, or refer to this article.

The HFU must then approve their registration under the ‘Auditors’ user role before auditors can access their GMS homepage. To learn how to approve a registration, please refer to this article.

The auditors’ GMS interface includes a read-only access to projects, which they can find and filter through the Advance Switchboard. To learn how to use the advance switchboard, please refer to this article of the Help Portal. 

This is the auditor’s project read-only access:

Through the project’s Timelines’ tab, the auditors can also access the financial and narrative reports, as well as the field visit and financial spot-check pages.

The auditors can also access several GMS tools and pages, which allow for data search, access to different overviews and bulk data extraction:

To learn more on each of these pages, their purpose and how to use them, please click on their titles: