HC endorsement / Preliminary Approval

Internal View:

What is HC endorsement Top

After the Review Board has had the option of reviewing project proposals that have passed the Strategic Review phase. Please note that this step is optional and only applies to certain country offices. However once the Strategic Review has been completed, the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) will assess the project proposal under the stage of 'Under HC Endorsement', from this stage he will determine whether he will endorse or reject project proposals.

GMS Steps:

Once a project proposal is at 'Under HC Endorsement', the Humanitarian Coordinator has two options, click on 1. SR Rejected to indicate that the project proposal was rejected during the Strategic Review stage, or 2. HC considered, for a favorable project proposal that is to move forward in the process.

Once the HC has clicked on 'HC Considered', they will be prompted to leave a comment and ensure they would like to take the action of considering this project proposal. If you are sure you would like to consider this project, select 'Yes.'

Afterwards, you see that the project proposal has been sent to project status of HC Endorsed.


Under HC Endorsed, HFU has 4 options: 1. Send to IP to Re-Draft; 2. Project withdrawn; 3. Send to TR; 4. Send back to HC for final decision

Send to IP to Re-Draft – If you select this option, it will send back the project proposal to the Implementing Partner for redraft. Once the Implementing Partner has finished their re-draft, the project proposal will go back to this stage, 'HC Endorsed.'

Project withdrawn – If you select this option, you are killing this project proposal and it will not be able to move forward in the process. If this is your desire, select 'Yes'.

Send to TR if you select this option, you are sending the project proposal to Technical Review.

Send back to HC for final decision - If you select this option, it will send back the project proposal to the project status of 'Under HC Endorsement'.

Once the HC has endorsed, before HFU moves projects forward they have to be sent to Advisory Board for information, and the Advisory Board has 24/48 hours to send comments/objections (if any).

How to do preliminary approval on behalf of HC in GMS Top


How HC rejects endorsement Top

HFU will need to click on 'Send back to HC for final decision', so the project proposal goes back to the Under HC Endorsement project status. It is at the Under HC Endorsement stage that the HC can reject the project proposal by clicking on SR Rejected.

How to extract information to the advisory board Top

The list of shortlisted priority projects should be presented to the Advisory Board (AB) to allow AB members to raise any critical concerns, questions, alerts concerning risks and provide feedback. Countries may identify different consultative modalities for the submission of projects to the HC, ensuring a sufficient degree of inclusiveness and transparency. The chosen modality should be outlined in the country-specific Operational Manual. The following modalities can be considered: · Cluster coordinators present the list of projects (concept notes or full proposals) to the HC and the Advisory Board. The presentation summarizes the expected outcomes/results of the recommended projects including the link to the priorities outlined in the allocation paper. A list of projects, vetted by the cluster coordinators, is submitted for consideration and approval to the HC. The AB is consulted and the HC makes the final decision.

  • In order for HFU to print project proposal summaries for Advisory Board,  please see how to Bulk Project Print
  • In order for HFU to print the scorecard summaries for Advisory Board, conduct the following:

Please Note * - There is not an Advisory Board user group, therefore a consultation happens offline through email between HFU and Advisory Baord.

As Cluster Coordinator, once logged into GMS, go to: Risk Assessment > Global Scoring > Project Scoring

Select desired scorecards, by filtering to retrieve associated projects' allocation type and scoring type (required fields) and further filitering as desired for Status and Cluster. Once scorecards have been located, individually select the scorecards you want print, or if all enlisted scorecards are to be printed, click on the very top checkbox within the first column.

After project scorecards are selected, the user will have two option to 1. Print the selected project score OR 2. Export score overview

Once you click on the 'Print selected project score' icon, the scorecards will appear in webpage format. To print these webpages, select 'Ctrl + P' for printing options.

Once you click on the 'Export score overview' icon, a project score list will appear in excel format.

<What Next?> Top

After project proposal has been endorsed by HC and its country office's respective review board(s), then the project proposal is passed to Technical Review for further evaluation.