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Welcome to the Grant Management System Help Portal!

The Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) staff are among the Grant Management System most active users. At this effect, the Help Portal is providing the precise, necessary guidance to help you navigate within the GMS.

Please click on the icons below, use the main menu on the left side of this website or enter keywords in the search bar in the website header to access the according guidance.

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Getting started with GMS 

 User Registration 

The GMS Homepage




Operational Guidance

Eligbility Process

Project Proposal

Review Process


Grant Agreement









  Project Revision






Project Closure


Performance Rating and Risk Management


Allocation Set up and Management


Partner Organization Registration



Advanced GMS Knowledge and Information Management

GMS Workflows

BI Portal

Extracts and Reports

COVID 19 App and map  

Validation of Timelines

How to create and manage the SRC Scorecard

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