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What is Implementation ? 

Implementation & Reporting is the sixth step of the GMS standard and reserve allocation workflow. The project enters this stage after the grant agreement is signed and the first disbursement is made. 



How does the GMS support Implementation ?Top

During the implementation and reporting phase, implementing partners work towards fulfilling their project objectives as indicated in the project proposal. Implementing partners must also report on their progress via narrative and financial reports to HFU and OCHA Headquarters and undergo monitoring instances, such as financial spotchecks and in-field visits.

Even though the actual project implementation will take place between the start and end dates, the project will show as ‘under implementation and reporting’ in the GMS from the payment of the first tranche to the partner until the activation of the first final report in the system. 

Although the implementation of the project activities occurs offline, both monitoring and reporting instances are supported by the GMS. Please see our dedicated articles on the following topics: