OCHA's Pooled Funds Data Hub

POSTED BY Hortense | 24 Feb 2021 | What’s new in GMS!!!

Increasing transparency and effectiveness of humanitarian financing data.

OCHA manages a responsive, predictable and strategic humanitarian financing system through the leadership of the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) and Country-Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs). These funds help drive humanitarian action by encouraging more effective financing mechanisms that reflect the changing nature of humanitarian crises.

Allocation, project and partner data collected on Grant Management Systems are analyzed and now published in the OCHA’s Pooled Funds Data Hubs.
This blog post provides an overview of the different Pooled Funds Data Hubs which OCHA manages, formerly named the Pooled Funds Business Intelligence.

The Pooled Funds Data Hub

The OCHA Pooled Funds' Data Hub portal is a one-stop data visualization platform which presents both CBPF and CERF Allocations and Donor Contributions data, making it the only information management tool to bring together real-time OCHA Pooled Funds’ data.

Check it out at this address: https://pfdata.unocha.org/

The Pooled Funds Data Hub takes a leap forward in increasing transparency of OCHA’s humanitarian financing mechanisms.  It allows donors and stakeholders to easily analyze country level responses across CERF and CBPF, increasing the efficiency of information management and improving decision making.

Drawing its data from the CERF and CBPF Grant Management Systems, the PF Data Hub is composed of:

  • The Allocations map and bar chart, which deliver data on funding allocated to Humanitarian Partners;
  • Two data visualizations dedicated to Donor Contributions providing multi-year comparison and contributions trends per Donor.

Please do share the Pooled Funds Data Hub with interested stakeholders and through social media channels – you can easily filter visuals, download and share!

You can download our PDF on the Pooled Funds Data Hub HERE.
You can access detailed guidance, including a tutorial video on how to navigate and extract data from the Pooled Funds Data Hub HERE.

While the Pooled Funds Data Hub displays allocations and contributions’ high-level data from CERF and CBPF, users might seek more specific data, and different perspectives and analyses. This is why the Information Management and Data Analytics Unit has also developed specific Data Hubs for both CERF and CBPF.

The CBPF Data Hub

The CBPF Data Hub is a tool that displays the latest CBPF allocation and contribution data, in a meaningful and useful way which helps users to analyze the funding process. 

In the CBPF Data Hub, data trends are illustrated through eye-friendly, analytical, and thematic visualizations that can be downloaded and shared.

You can access the CBPF Data Hub at this address: https://cbpf.data.unocha.org/

You can find more information from our 2 pager on the CBPF Data Hub, available HERE.

If you need more guidance on each of the CBPF Data Hub visualizations, please refer to the Help Portal article HERE.

You can also watch our tutorial video on how to navigate in the CBPF Data Hub HERE.

The CERF Data Hub

Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2005 as the United Nations global emergency response fund, CERF enables humanitarian responders to deliver life-saving assistance whenever and wherever crises strike.
The CERF Data Hub is a public information management platform which provides accurate, up-to-date data on both CERF Allocations and Contributions.

You can access the CERF Data Hub at this address: https://cerf.data.unocha.org/
To learn more about CERF, please visit the dedicated website HERE.