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Welcome to the Grant Management System Help Portal!

In the GMS, Partner/Agency represent the humanitarian organizations wishing to apply for CBPF funding. We call Implementing Partners (IP) the partners which projects were approved for funding by OCHA. Such organizations are International/National NGOs, United Nations Agencies or Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies.

According to the CBPF Operational Manual, Partners/Agencies have the following responsibilities in relation to the CBPF:

  • Eligibility: International and national NGOs must undergo the due diligence and the capacity assessment process to become eligible to receive funding from CBPFs. All UN agencies are eligible to receive funding.
  • Application: Applicant partner develops and submits a project proposal and budget to the Fund (through the GMS) providing all necessary supporting documents, within the given deadlines, and in a responsive manner.
  • Implementation: After the approval process, the partner signs a grant agreement which specifies the terms and conditions applicable to the approved project. Partners commit to comply with all the requirements defined in the grant agreement. Grant agreements may be modified to accommodate necessary changes in projects.
  • Monitoring: Partners shall facilitate the monitoring of the projects in collaboration with the OCHA Country Office, cluster coordinators and other relevant parties. The OCHA Country Office and headquarters reserve the right to organize visits with partners, external experts or donors to review completed or ongoing project activities.
  • Reporting: The partner shall provide narrative and financial reports in line with the reporting requirements stipulated in the grant agreement or otherwise agreed in the accountability framework of the fund.
  • Project Revision: Any constraints (e.g. financial, logistical, security) that will lead to significant changes to the project must be communicated to the HC and/or OCHA immediately.

Every step of your collaboration with OCHA CBPF will take place on the Grant Management System (GMS). The Help Portal is here to provide the necessary guidance to navigate in the system, for instance to submit and keep track of your project proposals and reporting/monitoring responsibilities. 

Please click on the icons below, use the main menu on the left side of this website or enter keywords in the search bar in the website header to access the according guidance.

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