Partner Organization Registration

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  1. What is Partner Organization Registration?
  2. How to create a new organization?
    1. GMS Focus: What is a Global Organization?
    2. GMS Focus: Validity of the Organization Information
  3. How to submit the newly created organization for approval by GMS Admin?
    1. GMS Focus: How to cancel the registration request
  4. How to Manage/Search an Organization on the Partner Portal?
  5. GMS Focus: The Organization is 'disenrolled' on the GMS

1- What is Partner Organization Registration? Top

Within the Grant Management System (GMS), the user role of CBPF partners is called “Agencies/Partner”.
Each Agency/Partner must be registered and enrolled as an organization in its corresponding CBPF GMS before an individual user can register, be linked to, and access GMS under the organization’s profile.

The registration of CBPF partners is hence two-fold:

• Step 1: Registration and enrollment of the organization on GMS
The organization should contact the HFU and send them the necessary documentation to be registered and enrolled on GMS.

• Step 2: User registration of individuals within a registered organization on GMS

Once the organization is enrolled on GMS, the HFU will notify the partner and instruct them to proceed with the individual user registration, which allows a user to gain access to the organization’s profile on the system. Individual registration requests are then reviewed and approved by the HFU country team usually within 48 hours from the submission.

To learn how to register as an individual, please refer to the section of this article: how to register in the GMS (all users).

Important note for Agencies/Partners: Registering your organization and gaining access to GMS does not mean that your organization is eligible for funding by OCHA CBPF. While the GMS registration is the first step of the partner eligibility process, the organization must complete its Due Diligence and Capacity Assessment, which will in turn determine the eligibility of the organization.

This article is only intended for HFU officers who wish to complete STEP 1 of the registration process: the enrollment of Organizations in the GMS.

The Organization registration on the GMS is a two-fold process between the HFU and the GMS Admin team, prompted upon reception of the organization’s registration request. 

In order to register an Agency/Partner in a Humanitarian Fund on the GMS, the HFU must be in possession of the following information and documents related to the Agency/Partner:

- Organization’s Name
- Organization’s Acronym
- Organization’s Type (National NGO, International NGO, UN Agency, Other)
- Generic email address
- Postal Code (optional)
- Generic Phone Number
- One focal point contact details, including: gender, full name, email address and phone number

- The Organization’s official registration certificate
- A Bank Statement showing the full bank account name

IMPORTANT: The name requested for the GMS registration should be exactly the same as the organization’s name on its official registration certificate and as the bank account name. If there is a discrepancy between these three names, the organization is requested to provide the HFU with an official letter signed by the organization’s legal representative, justifying this discrepancy and confirming that the different names pertain to the same entity.


2- How to create a new Organization on the Partner Portal (HFU) Top

To create a new organization after reception of the registration request and related documentation, the HFU must go to the Partner Portal.

To access it, you can enter this address in your browser navigation bar:

Or, you can log in to your GMS homepage and go to Report > CBPF Partner Portal.  

Once on the Partner Portal, go to Organization -> Create New Organization

To create a new organization, you will need to fill in all the fields of the form (Organization, Global Organization, Organization Details, Supporting Documents and Organization Contact) and upload the documents.

IMPORTANT: Before creating the new organization form, make sure that the organization is not already registered in your respective fund by going to “Manage/Search Organization” and searching the organization among the created partners in your fund. To learn how to search or manage the registered organizations, please refer to this section of this article.


Field description

  • Acronym: Please provide the Agency/Partner’s Acronym.
  • Organization Type (drop down list): Please choose amongst the different options which one applies to the Agency/Partner: National NGO, International NGO, UN Agency, Other.
  • Organization Name: Please provide the Agency/Partner’s Name.

“Check Matching Organization” Pop-up Window Details: 

The Partner Portal enables the HFU to check if an Organization has already been registered on the system. Clicking the button [Check Matching Organizations] triggers a search of the organization’s name and acronym across the system.

  • If the Agency/Partner Organization already exists in the system, IN A DIFFERENT FUND THAN THE ONE YOU WISH TO REGISTER THE ORGANIZATION IN, select it by ticking the box next to its Organization Name and click on [Save and Close]. Please note that in this case, the organization information (name, acronym, type) becomes non-editable. Consequently, if this information differs for the organization in your country, click on [No Match Found], but make sure to link the organization to the correct Global Organization.
  • If the Agency/Partner Organization already exists in the system, IN THE SAME FUND YOU ARE TRYING TO REGISTER IT IN, there is no need to proceed with the registration process, since the organization already exists. You can check the organization’s registration form by following this guidance.
  • If there is no match, click on [No Match Found].


Linking the Agency/Partner to its corresponding Global Organization is the next and necessary step in the registration process.

GMS Focus: What is a Global Organization? 

The concept of Global Organization in the GMS allows the system to link different entities of an Agency/Partner under an umbrella organization.

Every organization wishing to register in more than one CBPF should contact each HFU team separately. In other terms, each organization registration is treated at country-level. This means that if the International NGO “XYZ” is already registered in the Sudan GMS and wishes to be registered in Syria as well, it will need to go through the whole registration process again in Syria.

Nevertheless, XYZ’s ‘Global Organization’ will be the same across all funds where it is registered in, hence XYZ Sudan and XYZ Syria will be linked under the same umbrella organization: the Global Organization XYZ.

Linking every organization registered in the GMS to a ‘Global Organization’ is a mandatory step.

*Please note, the Global Organization concept applies to all types of Organizations, including National NGOs. For technical purposes, all organizations registered in the GMS, regardless of their type, must be linked to a ‘Global Organization’.

To link an organization to its Global Organization, enter the name of the organization in the dedicated field. A drop-down list of corresponding names will appear, select the relevant Global Organization.  

* Please note, if a matching organization has been selected in the previous step, this section will automatically be filled in by the system. Please proceed to the next section: ‘Organization Details’.

In case the system does not suggest any Global Organization, or if there is no relevant Global Organization to select for the Agency/Partner, tick the box “Global Organization not identified (GMS Admin will link the organization during approval)”. A member of the GMS Admin team will link the Agency/Partner’s organization with its Global Organization.

On the other hand, once a matching organization has been found, OR if a Global Organization has been selected, the related organizations registered in different funds will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Fill in all required fields. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory.

Field description

  • Alternate Organization Name: Please provide the Alternate Name for the organization (only if necessary). It can be the case for an organization which name is different from the linked bank account’ name.
  • Native Organization Name: Please provide the Native Organization Name (only if relevant). It can be the case for an organization which original name is not English.
  • E-mail Address (mandatory): Please provide the organization’s generic email address.
  • Telephone (mandatory): Please provide the organization’s office telephone number.
  • Postal Code (optional): Please provide the postal code of the organization’s main offices.
  • “Is Organization Information valid?”: Please tick this box after reviewing the organization’s documents and only if the information provided is valid. To learn what is meant by ‘valid organization information’ and the different case scenario, please refer to this section of the article.
  • Comment: This comment box is directly linked to the “Is Organization Information Valid?” question box. It is active when the [Yes] box is left unticked. Upon ticking the [Yes] box, the comment section is automatically disabled by the system.
  • Website URL: If applicable, please provide the organization’s website URL
  • Fund Tracking System (FTS) Organization: if applicable, please provide the FTS code for the organization.

GMS Focus: Validity of Organization Information 

When creating a new organization on the Partner Portal, the system will ask the HFU if the organization information provided is valid or not. This validity depends on the three organization names provided to the HFU:

  1. The organization name requested for GMS registration
  2. The organization name as it appears on its official registration certificate
  3. The organization name as it appears on its official bank statement/letter

The organization information will be considered valid if and only if the three above names match exactly.

If there is a discrepancy of any kind between these three names, the organization is requested to provide the HFU with an official letter signed by the organization’s legal representative, justifying this discrepancy and confirming that the different names pertain to the same entity.
In this case, the HFU should leave the “Is Organization Information Valid?” question box unticked and provide information on the name discrepancy in the Comment box (second case scenario described below). The HFU must also upload the organization’s justification letter under the Supporting Documents section. 

First case scenario: The three organization names match exactly

Upon HFU review, the Organization Information is valid and HFU ticks the [Yes] box (as below). The Comment box directly becomes inactive.

Second case scenario: There is a discrepancy between the three names

The [Yes] box is left unticked, and HFU must provide explanatory comments in the Comment field.

Upload the requested documents in this section. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory.

*Please note, if the Organization’s information were not valid, e.g. if there was a discrepancy between
the Organization’s names, do not forget to upload the justification letter under this section. To learn more about the validity of the organization information, please refer to this section of the article.

Field description

  • Upload Document : Please click on [Browse] to select a file from your computer. Multiple formats are accepted, including PDF, PNG, JPEG, Excel and Word documents.
  • Document Type: Please choose the corresponding type of document from the drop-down list.
  • Document Comment: If needed, use this box to add comments to the document.

Click on [Add to List] to save the document.

To delete an uploaded document, click on the delete icon on the right-hand side of the document’s line. 

Fill in all required fields related to the organization’s Legal Representative contact information. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory. Click on [Add] to save the contact information.

Field description

  • Gender (mandatory field) : Please choose a gender from the drop-down list.
  • First Name (mandatory field) : Please enter the First name of the contact
  • Last Name (mandatory field) : Please enter the Last name of the contact
  • E-mail Address (mandatory field): Please provide the contact’s email address.
  • Phone No. (mandatory field): Please provide the contact’s telephone number.​

To edit or delete a contact’s details, click on the appropriate icon:  or  , on the right-hand side of the contact’s line. 

*Please note, at this stage, information saved on GMS will serve for registration and contact purposes. It will not be used for Due Diligence, Capacity Assessment nor legal contracting.
All information saved on GMS and other related platforms are subject to UN/OCHA – Data confidentiality policy. To know more about this policy, please refer to the UN website privacy notice, the UN website Terms of Use, and OCHA’s working draft Data Responsibility Guidelines.


3- How to submit the newly created organization for approval Top

You can save the organization’s information as a draft and edit it later by clicking on [Save] at the bottom of the registration form.

The following message will then appear at the top of the page and the organization status will become 'Organization Draft'.

As mentioned above, Partners’ Registration is a two-step process involving the GMS Admin Team’s validation of the Organization in the system.

To submit the organization’s registration to GMS Admin, click on [Send for Approval]. Add a comment and click on [Save and Send for Approval] to submit the registration.

The GMS Admin team will review the registration and complete checks on the Global Organization and on the validity of uploaded documents and organization name. If necessary, GMS Admin can request additional documents from the HFU by sending the organization registration back to the HFU for correction or more information. Once all the information is uploaded and correct, GMS Admin will approve and enroll the organization on the fund’s GMS.

GMS Focus: How to cancel the Registration Request 
If for any reason, you would like to discard the organization registration request from the system, you will be able to do it only when the organization status is under ‘Organization Draft’.

When the organization is under ‘Organization Draft’ status, you can cancel the registration request by clicking on [Discard Draft].

On the right-hand side of the organization’s registration form, under the ‘Related Organizations (Global)’ section, users can see the registration’s workflow, including the name of the user who made changes, the time and date, and the comments.


The ‘Organization History’ tab at the top of the registration form enables the user to see all steps of the organization’s registration, from the request to the approval, along with the user who acted on the organization’s registration.


4- How to Manage/Search an Organization in the Partner Portal? Top

Once an organization’s registration form has been saved, it is stored in the system, and you can come back to it at any time. Whether the registration is under review, requires correction or approved, the form is still accessible.

To access it, follow this navigation in the Partner Portal: Organization > Manage/Search Organization.

Use the filters at the top to search the wanted organization.

Field Description
• Acronym: Enter in this field the acronym of the organization you are looking for.
• Organization Type: Select from the drop-down list the organization type.
• Organization Name: Enter in this field the organization name.
• Registration Status: Select from the drop-down list the registration status of the organization(s) you are looking for.
• Suspended: Tick this box if the organization you are looking for has been suspended from GMS.
• Pooled Fund: You can select your pooled fund from this filter.

Then, click on [Search].

The list of organizations which match your filters appears below. You can show either 10, 25, 50 or 100 entries by selecting the value in the drop-down right above the list.

You can hover over the [update details] icon to see the users and dates when the organization has been registered and updated last.

In the list, click on [view] to access the registration form.

GMS Focus: The organization is disenrolled on the GMS 

You cannot edit the information of an Organization which has been 'Disenrolled' from the GMS.

Although you can still view their registration form by clicking on [view] from the 'Manage/search Orgnization' tool, the registration form is view only.

This means that the registration form's fields are non-editable, and that there is no workflow button.

If you wish to edit the information of a Disenrolled organization, please contact GMS Support at this email address: