The Pooled Funds Data Hub's new Features!

POSTED BY Admin | 10 Nov 2021 | What’s new in GMS!!!


For better visualization and access to the data, the Pooled Funds Data Hub has been updated to include the new features in the Contributions – BY CERF/CBPF section!

The Contributions are displayed in a bar chart according to the mechanism: either CERF (in yellow) and CBPF (in red). You can filter the data by selecting years from the timeline, or choose between the pledge and paid options.

You can hover over a bar to view the donors’ names and contributions’ amounts:

If several years are selected, you can use the arrows to navigate through the years.

The latest addition to this visual is the cumulative total curves:

These curves (in yellow for CERF data, in red for CBPF data) indicate the cumulative total by month (if you selected a year in the filters) or by year (by default view / if you selected several years in the filter). You can hover over the curves to see the total amount.

                                                                                        GMS Focus : The CUMULATIVE total amounts

This newest feature, the cumulative total curves, displays the accumulated contributions throughout the months (for one selected year) or the years (if several years are selected).

This means that the dots, and the pop ups, display the total contributions UP TO the selected element. For instance, in the example below, the CBPF contributions from January 2019 to October 2019 is US$726,876,969. However, the contributions received in October 2019 alone is displayed in the bar chart, and is roughly US$59 million  (indicated by the green circle in the screenshot below)

This also means that if there are no contributions received in a specific month, the curve will remain parallel to the x axis, instead of going down to zero (see screenshot below for example). The pop up will hence indicate the total contributions up to the selected period.