Project Closure

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  1. What is project closure?
  2. Project closure workflows
    1. UN Agency projects (Non-MPTF Funds only)
    2. Non-UN Agency projects
  3. How to process a project closure (HFU)

What is project closure?  TOP

After the end of the implementation phase, projects on GMS enter the Final Reporting stage, where the implementing partner must submit the final narrative report and the final financial report for the project. Upon approval of these reports, the project will be pushed for Audit  (for non-UN Agencies only) and, if required, the final disbursement or refund will be activated. 

All the following final instances of the project must be finalized and approved by the HFU and Finance HQ in order to initiate the project closure phase for the project in GMS:

The system will verify that the final reporting and financial instances have been closed in GMS before allowing the project to be moved to closure.
There can be two scenarios:

  1. There are no pending instances, as they have all being either finalized or approved (e.g. refund, FNR, FFR, audit). The GMS will indicate so by displaying a header, with all instances in green and a message stating that the project can now move to closure.

*Please note, this header will only be displayed
- for Finance HQ: in the disbursement tab and in the refund tab after processing the refund
- for HFU: in the Final Narrative Report screen after approving the report

To hide this header, click on [click here].

  1. Second case scenario, one or multiple instances of the projects have not yet been validated or approved. The GMS will not allow users to proceed with project closure as long as there are pending instances. 


Project closure workflows TOP


How to process a project closure TOP

When all required instances have been validated, the project enters the “Under Closure” stage. A new tab called ‘Project Closure’ will be visible to the HFU in the project.
To close the project, the HFU needs to fill in the Cost Tracking Actual Value. Both the Planned Value and Percent will be automated in the system. Once the values have been entered, click on the [Save Cost Tracking] button to save the data inputted. 
Lastly, the HFU needs to update the Closure Checklist and click on the [Save Closure Checklist] button. Ensure that the checkbox 'I confirm that all of the matters mentioned above have been considered and resolved' is ticked before saving.
*Please note: The system will show the N/A option for the checklist answers only in case of UN agencies where the Audit is not carried out.

On completion of the above tasks, the HFU needs to click on the [Project Closed] button to close the project.