Project Closure

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What is Project Closure in GMS

After receiving the Final narrative report from the IP, it will be cleared by the fund manager after which it will be cleared by OCHA at the headquarters level (FCS). Following the closure of a project and its audit (when applicable), implementing partners will be notified in writing by OCHA about the exact amount to be refunded.

In GMS, on receipt of the audit report finalized for project closure by FCS Finance, HFU will initiate the project closure for the project.

When the project enters the “Under Closure” stage, a new tab called Project Closure is visible as shown below.

Actions to be done by HFU to initiate project closure:

  1. Fill in the Cost Tracking components and save the same by clicking on the Save Cost Tracking button.
  2. Update the Closure Checklist and save the same by clicking on the Save Closure Checklist button.

Note: The system will show the N/A option for the checklist answers only in case of UN agencies where the Audit is not carried out.

On completion of the above tasks, click on the Project Closed button to close the project.

On clicking the Project Closed button, the HFU will be prompted to type in ‘Comments for project in "Under Closure"’.
Click the Yes button to close the project.