Risk Assessment

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Partner ScoringTop

Partners that meet all the due diligence requirements will undergo the capacity assessment to determine eligibility.

Capacity Assessment can be accessed by going to Risk Management > Capacity Assessment.

Filtering ScorecardTop

To filter the partner as required, fill in the desired filter fields

Filters available are:

  • Partner Type (dropdown box): List of partner Type in the pooled fund.(International NGO, National NGO, Others, UN Agency)
  • Scoring Type (dropdown box): List of scoring types available for the pooled fund. By default the “Active”-template is automatically selected. The inactive CA templates are marked "In-Active" in the dropdown box.

and click on the Filter Partners button. Click on the Clear Filters button to remove the selected filters.

Note: When the user selects an inactive template, the system shows a “read only icon” (magnifying glass) instead of the standard rainbow/barometer icon, indicating that the score cannot be updated.

A brief description of the columns is given below:

  • Check box: Allows selecting multiple partners for a common action like print selected partners score or Export score overview.
  • Score this partner : Clicking on the rainbow icon/barometer will open the scoring page.
  • Risk level: Displays the risk level given to the partner. If a risk level is not available, it shows as “Pending”.
  • Partner Name: Name of the partner
  • Partner Type: Displays the partner type.
  • Update Details: Displays the user details who have worked on this project.
  • Category Codes (e.g. A,B,C,D,E ): Displays the scoring received in the individual categories of the scorecard.
  • Total: Displays the total scoring for the project

Click on the Print Selected partners score icon to print the partners score after selecting the desired partner from the filtered list.
Click on the Export Score Overview icon to export the scoring details after selecting the desired partners from the filtered list

For partners whose CA has been updated, the information will be displayed as follows:

How to recommend and not recommendTop

Select the Score this partner icon   next of the desired partner, to open up the 'Rank Partner’ screen.

On the Rank Partner screen

The HC can rank the project based upon the questions defined in the categories.

In the CA Type, select the appropriate CA type

  • Internal CA on GMS - Select if you are using a country-based CA on GMS.
  • Internal CA offline - Select if CA is done by HFU outside of GMS. Please add the total partner score & resulting risk level on GMS.
  • External CA - Select if CA is outsourced to outside contracted party. Please add the total partner score & resulting risk level on GMS.

In the Risk level, select the appropriate risk level. To add remarks for the risk level, click on the Add remark link . In case of multiple projects by the same partner, the risk level updated most recently should be considered.
The HC can rank the partner based upon the questions define d in the categories. For each question and category the HC can provide comments.
For the CA of partner, if category A, the answer is ‘NO’ then everything including risk level & score freezes. It has to be answered as 'YES' if one wishes to move on to the rest of the questions.
Partner review is carried out on the basis of criteria outlined in a prioritization matrix (scorecards). Some of the key areas:

  • Governance and Institutional Capacity
  • Funding Capacity
  • Coordination and Partnership Capacity
  • Financial Management Capacity
  • Technical and Response Capacity
  • Logistics Capacity
  • Monitoring Capacity

Select the Create Version checkbox to create a version of the ranking.
At any point of time, one can partially save the project scoring by clicking on the Save & Back to the list button or to save and continue click on the Save and Stay button.

While one can save the answers partially in the Capacity Assessment, the system will not allow updating risk in case all the questions are not answered.

If the user attempts to do so, the following message is displayed:


After this, the answers are saved but the risk level is not:

Once you finish answering the questions, please remember to select the risk level manually based on the score of the IP.

Clicking on the Back to the list button situated on the top right corner, would redirect the user back to the earlier screen of filtered projects.

Note: The ICA takes into account and whenever possible encompasses existing assessments such as Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfers (HACT). An NGO’s HACT result will be used to score the 4th Category of the ICA.