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Field Descriptions:

Pooled Fund(s): Displays the Pooled Fund(s) to which you have an access. By default, the Pooled Fund you are currently in will be selected.
Partner Type: Displays the different types of partners in GMS.
Partner Risk Level: Displays the different risk levels in GMS (Ineligible, Low, Medium and High) that the partners currently have. [Old terminology: current or running risk]
Partner: Displays the different partners for the pooled funds selected. The pooled fund is mentioned as a prefix because one partner might have a different name in different funds. For example, OCHA could be registered as OCHA in the Iraq CBPF and as OCHA Myanmar in the Myanmar CBPF.
PI Adjusted Risk: Displays the different risk levels in GMS (Ineligible, Low, Medium and High) that are currently calculated by the system for the partners. [Old terminology: calculated risk]

Important to Note: The system will not display live data on the PI Dashboard, it will be refreshed every 2 hours. The date and time (always shown according to Geneva time, UTC +1) at which the data was taken for the displayed PI Dashboard is indicated in red above the table.

Column Descriptions:

Pooled Fund: Displays the Pooled Fund of the Partner.
Partner: Displays the name of the Partner in a specific Pooled Fund.
Partner Risk Level: Displays the current Risk Level a Partner has in the system.
PI Adjust Risk: Displays the risk as calculated by the system for a specific Partner – this may or may not have been accepted by the user.
CA: Displays the score a Partner received during Capacity Assessment.
P1 – P6: Displays the score a Partner received for his projects. P1 is the first project, the last column value with a value refers to the most recent project of that Partner.

The Formula to calculated the PI Adjusted Risk is CA + SUM (P1:P6). A PI score is calculated for each project and displayed in the column with its overall score and the percentage below indicates the weightages given to this score in the formula.

Colour legends for this screen:

Partner Risk: Displays the colours used to determine the Partner Risk Level and PI Adjusted Risk.
Partner Performance Index: Displays the colours used to determine the PI based on the PI for each project.

Note: Users will be able to Export to PI Dashboard to Excel by clicking on the Excel icon.