Tool Tips

The following are navigation tool tips that should prove useful to a user in navigating through GMS:

FAQ iconTop

The FAQ tooltip is accessible on all pages of the GMS. It redirects to a guidance note dedicated to the page.

In the example below, upon clicking on the FAQ tooltip of the Project’s proposal page / the Budget tab, a new tab will open in your browser, opening the specific related section in the ‘Project proposal template and submission’ article of the Help portal.


Field Description and/or Requirement Top

Field Description and/or Requirement: The question mark (?) icon will provide you with a field description, whereas the asterisk (*) icon will notify you that the field is required.

Save Often! Top

Save Buttons: 'Save & Stay' versus 'Save & Exit'

It is recommended that the user continuously save their work in the GMS. There are two saving options available: 'Save & Stay' will save the work and let the user remain on the screen they are working on. The 'Save & Exit Project' option allows the user to save and exit the project.

Print Top

Print Users can export the documents that they are drafting, reviewing or viewing on the GMS in PDF, Word or HTML, by clicking on the respective icons at the top right of the screen when they are inside the document (project proposal, reports).

At various stages within the project lifecycle, a user is able to print out field information to help them gather the required GMS field data in order to input into GMS at a later date. For instance, a user can print out a project proposal.   Note:  you can download narrative documents in Word, and budgets/financial reports in Excel.

Red tabs Blue tabs Top

Tabs that are in Red, indicate that there are still required fields within that tab that need to be filled in. Please note, you will not be able to save the contents within the tab until all required fields are entered.
Tabs that are in Blue, indicate that all required fields within the tab have been filled out and the contents within the tab has been saved.

Orange buttons versus Green buttons Top

Orange buttons are often used for the administrative purposes of pushing a project through to the next project status in the allocation workflow. Green buttons are often used by Agency/Partner to take some type of action such as 'Submit'

Making Comments Top

A user with edit or read-only rights to a project proposal, can make comments at the project level as well as at the project proposal tab level.

To make comments at the project level, the user is to first log into GMS, and select the desired project within their Home Page. Once within the desired project proposal, click on the 'Add Comments' hyperlink, located at the top left corner of screen. Once you have clicked on this link, a Project Comments window will appear. Add your comments in the space provided and press 'Save' when done.

To add comments at the tab level, either go to the bottom of the tab and enter the comments within the comments section provided. Or click on the comments icon located on the lower right margin of the screen. After comments are made, please do not forget to press 'Save'. Once you click on the comments icon, a comments window will appear, enter comments within this window and press 'Save'.

Viewing Comments Top

A user can view comments that have been made on the project proposal by clicking on the 'More Comments' hyperlink to review 'Workflow Status Comments'.

Or at the bottom of each project proposal tab, view the comments trail provided within. The comments trail will provide you with who made the comment, the date and time stamp of the comment, the workflow project status in which the comment was made, and the comment itself.

Action Icons Top

The Quick Access (not available to Agency/Partner user role)Top

The Quick Access tool, accessible on all pages of the GMS, enables users to quickly access sections in the GMS.

To access the Quick Access tool, click on this icon  on the right-hand side of the menu bar, then click on one of the icons to access its according page on the GMS.

The pages displayed in the Quick Access panel depend on the system functions made available for your user role by the GMS Admin team.