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Process MonitorTOP

Navigation: Report > Report > Process Monitor.

Purpose: The Process Monitor Report  helps to identify the average number of days between various stages of the project lifecycle.


  • To generate a Process Monitor Report, click on the Process Monitor sub menu under Reports menu.
  • A user can monitor the progression of projects through the various project workflow statuses within a particular allocation.

For example:
Projects within a particular project status are timed on how long a project takes to complete that particular status.
For Allocation: Standard Allocation – 2016
Project Instance: Submission of Proposal, Project Status: Project Draft

  • The average number of days that 73 projects took to clear through this project status was less than 1 day.

Whereas, in the Project Instance: Strategic Review, Project Status: Under SR

  • The average number of days that 66 projects took to clear through this project status was 3 days.