User Management

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Creating User profiles Top

Navigation: System Setup > User Management > System Users

This section is divided into 2 tabs. The first tab “User details” helps to manage (create/modify) system users. The second tab “User List” provides a filter option to select the desired users from the user list.

Purpose: First tab “User details”: To manage (create/modify) system users.

  • Full name, user name and email are non-editable fields.
  • To approve and update information about the user and also to assign user roles, click on [Click here to add new profile] button and fill all the details in the above mentioned fields and click on [Save Profile] button.
  • To modify user information of an existing user, click on [Edit] link and it will populate all the information and after changing values click on [Save profile] button.

Field Descriptions:

User Detail:

  • Full Name: Full name of the user
  • User Name: User login ID
  • E-Mail: Email of the User
  • Approve: to approve / disapprove a user
  • Send Email Notification on Approval of this user: to allow/stop email confirmation on approval to be sent to the user.

Profile Details:

  • User Group: Users Group (Role)
  • Pool Fund: Users Pool fund
  • Is Primary Group: used to make selected user group as primary group
  • Organization: Organization to which the user belongs (Not applicable for OCHA/Cluster staff)
  • Cluster: Cluster to which the user belongs (Not applicable for Agencies)
  • Allow workflow mail Notification: to allow/stop workflow mail notifications to the user
  • Cluster for Notification: Mail notification for selected cluster if user is not an agency user

Purpose:  Tab 2 “User List” : To filter users as required.


  • To generate a user list, select one or more filters from the filters section.
The filters available are:
  • Agency (drop down box): List of all agencies in the pooled fund.
  • User Group (drop down box): List of all user groups available in the pooled fund.
  • Search (text box): Enter the text value for which the filter has to be set.

Then click the Click to Filter button to generate the user list.

The displayed user list can be exported in an excel format by clicking on the Export All Users List icon. If no filters have been specified, the exported user list will contain user details for all user groups.