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The GMS Registration falls under three categories:

  1. User Registration (Organizational level (1.1) and Individual level (1.2));
  2. User Group Registration and
  3. Update User Profile.



Within GMS, national and international NGOs and UN agencies (besides OCHA) are considered to be an 'Agency/Partner'.
In order to become eligible to apply for funding from its respective Country CBPF, an Agency/Partner must complete the following steps:

STEP 1 - Each Agency/Partner must be registered in its respective Country Grants Management System (GMS) by contacting the Country HFU offline to request registration

STEP 2 - Once the Country HFU notifies the partner that the organization has been created in the system, Agency/Partner users can register as users on the GMS. Individual registrations must be approved by the Country HFU within 24 hours of submission.

STEP 3 - The individual member(s) of the organization whose registration has been approved must complete and submit the Due Diligence / Application form. Only once this form has been approved by the Country HFU the Agency/Partner is eligible to apply for funding under the Country CBPF.

How do I register a new user Top


After an organization has been notified by its respective HFU that the organization is eligible, individual members of the organization can proceed to register as a user within GMS.

1. To register as a new user go to the <Unique URL address to be provided by HFU> and click on the 'LOGIN' button.

You will now be redirected to the Login page for the CBPF Grant Management System. In this section, a login button [Continue] will be displayed. On click of the [Continue] button, the user will be redirected to the Humanitarian ID authentication page.

2. As a new user, you will need to create your Humanitarian ID (HID) account.

The user will be directed from GMS to the HID Authentication page

The user needs to click on the ‘Register’-button and fill out the information in the form as shown below. For more information on how to register in HID, please watch this video.


The user will receive an e-mail from to confirm the newly set up account. The user needs to click on the link provided by HID to confirm the account.

Important note: The HID confirmation link is only valid for 7 days! If the user does not confirm within 7 days, it will be deleted and the user will need to register again.

Once the user is successfully authenticated, the user will be redirected back to GMS web site. Here the user can submit their registration in GMS in accordance with his/her user group.

Note: HID will ask the user to confirm that he/she wants to approve GMS to have access to the user name and password as registered in HID. In order to access GMS the user will have to click on [Allow]. This screen will only be displayed once, when the user accesses the site for the first time through HID.

3. User Group Registration  in GMS


Select the Pooled Fund you are registered to: this is a mandatory field.

Select your Primary User Group form the list.

  • Implementing Partners should select Agencies/Partners
  • Cluster and Sector leads should select Clusters leads and support officers
  • OCHA Field Officers, Guest users should be selected by internal or external users who would be interested to view projects or part of the allocation cycle
  • Others should be selected by any user that would require a different profile. Users requesting a profile type that is not in the current list are kindly requested to provide more details on what profile they require the comments box below. These comments will be visible for the HFU when approving the request. They will also be visible for the user when he tries to log in again without being approved under the heading 'Previous Comments'


Enter the details for your respective profile and click on the [Submit Registration] button.

Agency/Partner Note:

Select your particular organization under the Organization drop down list.

The Organization field is mandatory; the name of your organization will automatically appear in the drop-down list because it has been created by the Country HFU. If your organization does not appear here, please contact your respective HFU.

For the Cluster field, select 'Not applicable for Agencies'.  


Cluster Coordinator Note:

Select the 'Cluster' that you belong to.

For the Organization field, select 'Not applicable for OCHA / cluster staff'.


OCHA Field Officers, Guest users OR Other Note:

No information about the organization or cluster will need to be filled in.

Determine if any other information will be required for the HFU to approve your profile. This additional information can be entered via the comments field.

After a user has clicked on the [Submit Registration] button, the following message is displayed. The HFU will approve the registration.


How do I log on if I am already a registered user Top

If you are already registered, then you can log on to the CBPF GMS using your e-mail address and password.

1. Open a web Browser. Enter the URL in the address bar and Press ENTER. The GMS login page is displayed. Click on the [Login] button.