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What is User Registration?Top  

In order to use the Grant Management System (GMS), all users must register on the platform and have their account approved. Only after account approval can you access the GMS and work on the platform.

Different categories of users coexist on the GMS, including, but not limited to:

  • Agencies/Partners
  • Humanitarian Financing Unit
  • Cluster Leads and Support Officers
  • FCS Finance
  • Humanitarian Coordinator
  • Oversight and Compliance, etc.

The user roles, as configured during the registration process, determine the user’s subsequent home page and system rights.

All categories of users must register, however, the process for Agencies/Partners is slightly different. If you fall under the category ‘Agencies/Partners’ (namely, if you are a member of a NGO/UN agency/Red Cross/Red Crescent Society and wish to apply for CBPF funding) please read the section below before registering on the GMS.

For all other user roles, you can skip directly to the section 'how to register in the GMS (all users)'.



Within the Grant Management System (GMS), the user role of CBPF partners is called “Agencies/Partner”.

Each Agency/Partner must be registered and enrolled as an organization in its corresponding CBPF GMS before an individual user can register, be linked to, and access GMS under the organization’s profile.

The registration of CBPF partners is hence two-fold:

Step 1: Registration and enrollment of the organization on GMS 

The organization should contact the HFU and send them the necessary documentation to be registered and enrolled on GMS.

• Step 2: User registration of individuals within a registered organization on GMS 

Once the organization is enrolled on GMS, the HFU will notify the partner and instruct them to proceed with the individual user registration, which allows a user to gain access to the organization’s profile on the system. Individual registration requests are then reviewed and approved by the HFU country team usually within 48 hours from the submission.

To learn how to register as an individual, please refer to the section of this article below: how to register in the GMS (all users).

Important note for Agencies/Partners: Registering your organization and gaining access to GMS does not mean that your organization is now eligible for funding by OCHA CBPF. While the GMS registration is the first step of the partner eligibility process, the organization must complete its Due Diligence and Capacity Assessment, which will in turn determine the eligibility of the organization.

How to register on GMS: for all usersTop  


GMS identification procedure is directly linked to the Humanitarian ID platform.  As a new user, you will therefore need to create a Humanitarian ID (HID) account. If you already have a HID account, you can skip this step and move to phase 2.

To create a HID account, go to

Fill in all the fields from the registration form and click on [register].


You will receive an email from to confirm the newly set up account. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam inbox. Click on the link provided by HID to confirm the account.

Important note: The HID confirmation link is only valid for 7 days! If the user does click on the link to confirm registration within 7 days, the account will be deleted, and the user will need to register again.

When your account is confirmed, you will see this confirmation pop-up window, and you can proceed to Phase 2.


Now that you are registered on Humanitarian ID, the GMS will use these HID credentials to record your profile.

Go to the GMS Homepage by entering this address in the navigation bar of your browser:

Click on [Login].

You will be redirected to the Humanitarian ID login page. Insert your HID user details and click on [login].

The first time you log into the GMS, the system will request access to your humanitarian ID account. Click on [Allow].

Upon first access to the GMS, users must fill in several fields to create their profile. This important 2-steps process will determine your profile’s characteristics. 

Step 1:

  1. Select the CBPF you wish to register in;

  2. Select your User Role, this important step will determine your subsequent homepage and system rights.

GMS Focus: User role’s selection

Select your Primary User Group form the list, according to the following directions:

➢ Implementing Partners should select Agencies/Partners
➢ Cluster and Sector leads should select Clusters leads and support officers
➢ OCHA Field Officers, Guest users should be selected by internal or external users who would be interested to view projects or part of the allocation cycle
➢ Others should be selected by any user that would require a different profile such as HFU, HC, Finance…

Step 2 (UN Agencies/Implementing Partners and Cluster Coordinators only):

  • Select your Organization your profile will be linked to (Implementing Partners and Cluster Coordinators only)
    • Agency/Partners: if your organization does not appear in the drop-down list, please contact your respective HFU.
    • Cluster Coordinators: For the Organization field, select 'Not applicable for OCHA / cluster staff'.
  • Select the cluster your profile will be linked to (Cluster Coordinators only)
    • Agency/Partner: for the Cluster field, select 'Not applicable for Agencies'. 

Click on [Submit Registration].

The CBPF in-country office will approve your account within 48 hours. Please note you might not receive a confirmation email.


How to approve new user registrations in the GMS? (HFU only)Top 

To approve a user's registration, please refer to the guidance in the 'System Users' article from the Help Portal, accessible HERE.


How to log in the GMS as a registered user?Top 

Once your registration has been approved, you can log on to the CBPF GMS using your email address and password.

1. Go to the GMS home page by entering this URL in the navigation bar of your browser:
2. Click on [Login].

3. Enter your HID credentials and click on [Login].


How to edit user informationTop 


Users can manage their profile, and change their username, through the Humanitarian ID (HID) by going on the HID platform at this address:

The changes from HID are automatically reflected in the GMS - changes cannot be done directly in the GMS platform.

Log in to HID by entering your credentials and clicking on [Login].

In your HID landing page, hover over your name at the top right corner, and select [Profile] from the dropdown menu. 

Then, click on [edit profile].

You can change your username in the 'Manage basic info' section. You can change your name in the 'given name' field, and your family name in the 'family name' field.Don’t forget to click on [update name] to save your changes.

When a user modifies his/her name in HID, the username in GMS will be updated upon the next successful login on the GMS. The GMS will maintain a log of the user’s old full name for reference purposes.


To change your email ID, you must log in the HID platform at this address:, and access your profile.

 In your profile page, you can add a new email address in the field : 'Add new email address'. Click on [update email] to save your changes.


Once you add your new email address on HID, the system will request you to confirm it. Go to your email inbox, you should have received a verification email from HID, containing a confirmation link. Click on the link to verify your email. 



Once your email is confirmed, you can use it as your "primary email address" for HID.

To make it so, go back to your HID profile, and tick the new email adress box, then click on [update email].


Once you primary email is updated in HID, you will no longer be able to login the GMS with the old email address. To login the GMS, you will need to register your newly saved and updated primary email address, i.e. follow these steps.

Please note, the existing GMS user profile (linked with the old e-mail ID) will be deactivated by HFU for security reasons. The user is required to submit a new registration on the GMS (phase 2 of User registration ) with the new e-mail ID (marked as primary in HID). In such cases, a user will only be able to access the system after the new profile is approved by the HFU, which can take up to 48 hours.

The HFU will be able to see a comment displayed in the GMS user profile to indicate that the user was deactivated because the e-mail ID was modified in HID.


Users can change their password by login in the HID platform at this address:

Click on your username at the top-right corner of the HID landing page, and click on [Settings] from the dropdown menu or, click on [settings] in the main page.


Within the account settings, users can select [Password] from the menu. Enter your current password, your new password and confirm the new password. After filling out this information the user needs to click on the [Reset password] button.




If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by clicking on [Forgot/Reset password] in the GMS/HID login page.

In the Reset Password page, enter your email address, and click on [Reset Password].

When clicking on this button, you will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. Click on it to be redirected to new screen, requesting you to enter a new password. The password needs to fulfill all password requirements. Then, click on [Reset Password].

Once the password has been reset, you will be redirected to the Login page of HID. In the Login screen which displays the message ‘Your password was successfully reset. You can now login.’, enter your email address and your new password, and click on [login] to access the GMS.



Specific cases: multi-users/multi-pooled funds registrationTop 

The following specific registrations cannot be processed by the users themselves as they require action from the HFU and GMS support team.

  • If the staff member has left the previous Y Humanitarian Fund and only needs access to X Humanitarian Fund GMS.
  • If the staff member has left the previous Y Humanitarian Fund, its user account has been deactivated and now and only needs access to X Humanitarian Fund GMS.
  • If the staff member/partner is an HQ/regional staff who needs access to several Humanitarian Funds GMS.

For all aforementioned cases, please send your request to both your HFU country team and GMS Support (, with a detailed explanation of your current situation.